A Broader Perspective Into Legal Issues

Why Businesses Should Pay Attention to New Commercial Laws

By Nicholas Kokita

Kenya has undergone major legislative changes in the past 10 years. New laws geared towards making the country the region’s trading hub have been enacted and implementation is expected to begin in earnest.


Legal And Policy Dilemma In The Fight Against Terrorism

By Elisha Zebedee Ongoyaá

Topics such as bail jurisprudence particularly in terrorism cases more often that not conjure up emotions of security concerns about the "bad guy that must kept off the streets". Most often, we tend to ...


VAT On Books Is Hurting the Education Sector

By Jediel Kimathi

Prior to September 2013, the government, in appreciating the importance of learning materials, had zero rated the supply of exercise books, dictionaries, encyclopedias and other printed books.


Legal and Regulatory Environment Issues affecting Businesses in Kenya

By Anthony M. Wanjohi

Kenya is one of the developing countries that has been labeled as having poor legal and regulatory environment that has been hindering not only the growth of Small...


Kenya: Whose Land Is It Anyway? The Failure of Land Law Reform in Kenya, Part I

By Ambreena Manji

Land is a "key fault line" in Kenya. Throughout East Africa, land reform has failed to confront the material consequences of unequal access. Since the 1990s, law reform has been the ...


Kenya: Whose Land Is It Anyway? The Failure of Land Law Reform in Kenya, Part II

By Ambreena Manji

Kenya´s recent experience exemplifies critical shortcomings of land reform processes throughout East Africa. Since the 1990s international financial institutions, donors and...



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